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Maiesio Town – Modern day
The name was a unique attraction, The females who mostly populated it were in a state of gestation and pregnancy.  Some women others just young girls, barely old enough to marry but if they were pregnant then it was a pregnancy that couldn't be completed.  There was no such thing seemingly of premature birth or overdue birth for that matter.  If anyone wanted to stay because a medical or whatsoever of reason that was acceptable.  But the longer a pregnant girl stayed the more pregnant she became.  Some of the girls there had been abandoned by family for being with a lover that was not approved of.  While others in the community were forced to be surrogate breeders that the other party changed it's mind.  Here loved by other women, it was hoped that they might fall into a crowd who liked being deeply emotional with other girls.  The estate in Preggo manor was where new people would come and get settled in a rope tied bed with a sled frame and water matress. People would be randomly placed in 2's usually one Pregnant the other a male or Non-Pregnant female.  This is when age 35 y/o -Claire Fenwick- AB Pos type Blood and 28 y/o -Fiona Clancy- B Neg type Blood first move into the new home.      

“Fiona?...” asked Claire,  “I'm hoping that this isn't totally misguided and I'll still be your friend regardless of what you say...  Will you please massage my shoulders?”  Fiona was slightly older aged than Claire regardless she gave that innocent dimpled smile that always made Claire's toes curl.  Fiona didn't want to come on too strongly but found it hard to contain herself.  She felt her self getting extremely moist within the most feminine area.  Her large belly was pressed up against the small of Claire's back.  Claire cooed gently and relaxed her muscles.  Some times feeling Fiona's baby-belly caressing as the brood of little ones kicked and adjusted themselves.  Fiona loved Claire's freckles they were all over her back and with each finger and hand stroke to manipulate around Claire's neck they seemed to move and she giggled.  Claire turned her face around a little bit and asked what was so funny.  Fiona turned beat red,“The freckles.”  Claire was silent for a second, “You've got a freckle fetish, is that it?”  Fiona lied on her back while her huge belly sloshed around, and just kept giggling.  Claire was enamored by Fiona and could not resist anymore.  She stuck her tongue in Fiona's mouth and was overcome by the powerful wintergreen breath.  You [smooch] smell [smooch] so [kiss] good, your breath is...  it tastes refreshing.  I could just energize without an energy drink in the morning,  If your tongue was licking inside my mouth anytime I relaxed.   Fiona said, “I'll make you a deal I'll wake you up in the morning with my embracing tongue kisses but you'll need to massage my tummy.  Talk too it and say you are a Maesiouphiliac”  Claire suddenly let her jaw drop open and smiled,  “I wuv this tummy...”  She whispered as she massaged  around Fiona's aureola tenderly,  “Oh what's that?” Claire put her ear on the top of Fiona's stomach like it was communicating with her. “So da belly want Claire to taste?”  Fiona was really beginning to feel romantic to hear Claire doing baby talk, she squinted her eyes in delight.      
Claire could tell by the mannerisms in Fiona that this activity was enjoyable.  “The onus to me is cuddling with the firm orb?  A good trade, I can live with that...”  Both of them giggled together.  Fiona suddenly switched her position with her belly between her straddling legs.  Claire looked intently at the unborn movement of hands and perhaps a face or leg.  A large bump would gurgle and a small wave in another direction.  Fiona could tell what Claire was thinking but too bashful to say.  So she grabbed Claire's head and rested the ear of the timid woman atop her gravid tummy.  We love the way you talk of the firm orb.  Claire was really turned on by the way Fiona called herself we...  Claire began to kiss around the breasts and belly and contently emit a groan and breathing deeply that became more frequent.  Soon Fiona joined her in some make out breathing intimately Fiona started to tickle Claire's belly button with her feet.  Fiona was still being licked around her nipples but the farther her legs stretched out the longer Claire had to reach.  Now she was being teased by Fiona since her feet were firmly kneading the belly of Claire,  who was being denied the luscious mammaries.  Claire began pouting and bit her upper lip.  Fiona then quit teasing her and lied back with her arms behind her head.  Claire suckled on Fiona's right breast then left trying to decide and settled on the left her feminine nectar was filling up the breasts.  Then Claire began to get confused (how was it possible a girl that never had given birth before would be producing milk.)  But meanwhile Fiona was caught in the moment.  Her body desperately pulsating milk into her bazookas, Claire just kept nursing her partner while in awe of the warm liquid turning Fiona's chest into two flesh bowling balls.  Fione a felt pain from the over swollen bosom embraces.  It was like an immanent explosion of milk would leave nothing but an over-stretched skin pulled beyond female proportions.  Then the flooding of breast-milk connected to Claire's awaiting mouth.  Both were exhausted and seemingly though Claire had no choice but to keep drinking her belly began to gain a softer spherical appearance she wanted to pull her lips away from Fiona but there wasn't anything she could do the nipple seemingly wanted to fuse with the girls tasebuds.  After about one minute and a half the breast and mouth parted, Fiona looked now at Claire who had a red belly with a tan stretch mark to Fiona's seemingly immaculate solid peach colored pregnancy stomach.  Fiona then put the milk laden nipple into Claire's mouth.  She opened her eyes in shock as the tear-duct's began to well up in her eyes.  [FEBHONA NO PTHEEEZ...  ...MY BEWRLY IS TOO FULL]  Fiona just put one finger on her own lips to signify the breast in the mouth of Claire wouldn't leave until she finished the other half of her portion.  Claire tried to get it over with and sweat began to perspire.  Now more dominant unlike earlier when Claire was seemingly calling the shots Fiona started to tell Claire, “Gewd grrl Fifi is so touched lil' Claire gulping up”  The pain in Claire's belly changed into exalted pleasure as the last of her dripping milk was suckled.  Both Claire and Fiona laid in bed hand in hand to weary and expended to do anything other than simply take a nap.


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